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Besides planning, creating and supplying containers, prefabs and prefabricated garages, sanitary fixtures, we also provide services that can meet the various needs of a company.


Planning consultancy

Thanks to our versatile products and the vast experience we have matured in the differing sectors, we can plan and arrange «custom-made» solutions for all needs.


Market research

Very often we know what is needed, but not where we can find it: a material, a product, an expert... Delexport has been on the market for many years and has developed a worldwide network of contacts that can help you find a solution for all your problems, either small or big.



Delexport provides a long- and medium-term hiring service of prefabs and containers. Hiring is the quick and cheap solution for: yards, sports events, fairs, concerts, etc. In this way it can solve the logistic and temporary problems for public and private companies.


Disassembly and reassembly

Specialized teams are at your disposal to assemble and disassemble your and our products with expertise and rapidity.


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